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Joel Kroeker

Speaker Bio

Joel is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Jungian Analytic Training Candidate, workshop facilitator, an international recording and touring artist and a Music-Centered Psychotherapist who is passionate about music therapy.

What’s your idea worth spreading?
Behind our seemingly innocent assumption that we simply ‘experience the world as it is’, lies a dynamic creative force of perception that is actively and unceasingly interpreting everything we come in contact with including it’s own impact upon us, which transforms our experience of the world into (mostly habitual) stories that we tell ourselves. Through realizing that perception is a creative act (not merely a receptive one) it becomes possible to see into the inner workings of our perceptual mechanism (like the wizard behind the curtain) and to remain conscious of this constant process through direct observation, which can have a profound effect on our immediate experience of the world, our society and the resulting choices we make.

What is a significant accomplishment, and why is that important to you?
I’m the founding international facilitator of Archetypal Music Psychotherapy (AMP), which includes a pioneering clinical approach, multiple publications and a series of expressive arts courses that are a summary of the professional work that I’ve been plugging away at for the past 20+ years. After many years of cross-cultural research (including projects in South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, The Middle East, Japan and across North America) and the enduring conviction to bring these diverse perspectives into a beneficial form that aligns with my values, I’m pleased to finally be able to offer this approach through my clinical practice, my writing and my work as an educator.

What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about Jungian analytical psychology and the individuation journey of bringing unconscious content to consciousness through my clinical practice as a Jungian Analyst. My life is infused (and enhanced) by practicing Shambhala Buddhism as it dovetails with my own ancestral lineage of devotional practice. I’m also a daily musical improviser because, for me, musical creation is vitality itself and I experience it as a potent means for expressing the inner world and gaining insight into the nature of mind.

What do you want people to take away from your TEDx talk?
I want people to embark on a fresh new relationship with their minds, which begins with confronting the faulty assumption that perception is merely receptive (which it isn’t), so that we, as a society, can finally begin to step past some of the persistent habits and reductive generalizations that keep us stuck in old paradigms that no longer serve us.