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Rob Abbott

Speaker Bio

Rob is an Associate Faculty member at Royal Roads University and is passionate about shifting human consciousness and reducing our ecological footprint.

Rob Abbott is one of Canada’s pioneering sustainability and social responsibility catalysts, a new economy entrepreneur, and a professor of global management and sustainability.  Over the past 20 years he has led the integration of sustainability with organizational and competitive strategy at many of the organizations globally who defined the first generation of sustainability thinking and action.  During this period he also lectured at several universities throughout Canada and the US, and taught executive education courses in China and Thailand.  He holds an Undergraduate Degree in Geography, Masters Degrees in Geography and Environmental Studies, and a Doctorate in Environmental Studies.

Rob’s first two books, Uncommon Cents, and Conscious Endeavors, summarized everything he believed about human-environment relations.  As he puts it: “It was good, important work, and it wasn’t enough.  We are at a time of planetary chaos and a different kind of leadership is being called forth.”

A major focus of Rob’s current work is providing an intellectual context for, and offering solutions to the Age of Anger, the global unraveling of the assumptions undergirding human existence and actions – most notably, the allegiance to consumerism and the acquisition of material wealth.  He believes humans need to “get smart in matters of the soul”, and his TEDx talk will explore exactly what that means.

Surviving the Age of Anger

As underlined by Trump’s example, western civilization is racing toward an “age of anger”.

It’s what happens when individualism, materialism, hyper-competition, greed, over-complication, overwork, hurriedness and debt jump from being individual qualities to a collective quality

It’s leading to people feeling fragmented and dispirited.

It’s not depression, and can’t be medicated. It’s demoralization.

It’s personified by questioning the assumptions undergirding our existence and actions.

It’s creating a nihilistic rebellion against order.

A soul discovery process needs to happen – we need to get smart in matters of the soul.

Here’s what that means.